New Evidence Says We May Never See This Character Again…


Actor Corey Hawkins’ Busy, But Uncertain Career

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

Just a few season ago, Walking Dead comic fans were thrilled to see the survivor Heath was being added to the ensemble. Based on his role in Straight Outta Compton, actor Corey Hawkins scooped up the role.

Unfortunately for the series, the young actor quickly got picked up to star in his own show, Fox’s 24: Legacy reboot. Recently, it’s been announced he’s too busy for a second season of 24, so does that mean he’s also too busy for Walking Dead?

There’s a chance we won’t see this character in Season 8, which starts in October.

Walking Dead Preps To Alter Storylines, Again

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

Cinema Blend reports:

“The Walking Dead is known for changing up characters’ stories as they switch from the comics to live-action, and so that might have been a suitable enough reason for Heath to fall by the wayside when it comes to the central narrative, though not a great one.”

“But there weren’t very many creative decisions that went into it, since the character’s future was dictated by how much filming time Corey Hawkins could afford, thanks to the 24: Legacy pilot’s production, followed by the series order and so on. And if he is currently too busy to do the project that caused him to drop The Walking Dead, Heath’s return has as much of a chance of popping up in Alexandria this fall as Jack Bauer does.”

Heath May Return In Season 9 Or Beyond

24 Legacy | Photo Credit Fox

24: Legacy is currently not on the table for the Fall return. Corey Hawkins will star in a stage play known as Six Degrees of Separation, but no announcement has been made to discuss what will happen to the character of Heath on AMC.

There’s been questions about 24 due to the weak ratings of the spinoff, but we may see Hawkins as Eric Carter before we see him again as Heath. Whenever asked about the role, Hawkins essentially repeats, “Anything could happen,” which may mean we’ll see him down the road, in Season 9 or beyond.


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