[SPOILERS] Everyone Should Rematch This 1 Minute Clip BEFORE The New Episode…


AMC Reveals Attack On Oceanside

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

AMC just released a clip from the next episode of The Walking Dead. While we still only get a glimpse of what might happen, it certainly looks like Rick’s war with Negan is about to hit full steam.

With only two episodes left, a lot needs to happen in order for Season 8 to be all about Rick and Negan’s war. The past six episodes have put everything in place, even though they’re not exactly like the comic series (see page two).

Here’s what’s about to happen in the next episode.

Tara Leads The Troops

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

Tara appears to be leading Rick, Daryl, and Jesus’ crew towards Oceanside to either take their guns or round up more troops. In “Swear,” Tara vowed to never return, but it looks like she’s going to go back on her promise to Cyndie.

There’s an explosion at Oceanside, which is likely a distraction. The Oceansiders will run towards the explosion, guns blazing, but Tara likely has a pretty good idea of how they will react and she’ll help Rick do whatever he needs to do.

Hopefully, no one will get killed when this happens.

Where Is Sniper Michonne?

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

In addition to the Oceanside attack, Rick has asked Michonne to take the watch in a nearby tree. It’s unclear what’s going on here, but it could have something to do with the Oceanside attack.

Maybe they sent Tara to speak with the Oceansiders and have Michonne ready in case anything goes down. If Michonne isn’t at the Oceanside attack, she could be set up at various other locations since there is so much going on this season.

Ironically, we see almost every character in this clip, which is different from the past season and a half of the show. In the final two episodes, a lot has to happen, but the creators and Andrew Lincoln believe the finale is a must watch.

How excited are you for these next two episodes?

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