This New Character [SPOILER] Officially Joins The Walking Dead…


For nearly six months, fans have been waiting to see a new character named Abbud on The Walking Dead. In “The King, the Widow, and Rick,” we finally met this character, but it turned out he’s actually Siddiq.

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit Image Comics

In the comic book, Siddiq (Si-DEEK) is a character that first entered The Walking Dead universe around Issue 127. In the comic, the character is actually a former resident of Oceanside who then moves into Alexandria.

Essentially, the crew leaked that Abbud would be joining the series in an effort to hide the fact that Siddiq was actually going to appear.

Siddiq Officially Joins The Walking Dead

Siddiq is from Miami, Florida in the comics. After the outbreak, he made his way up the coast to find the community, Oceanside. In the series, we first met Oceanside last season when Tara was knocked out on the beach.

On paper, Siddiq first met Michonne, who pointed him in the direction of Alexandria. After he decided to leave the life of a fisherman, he went to the new community and looked for Rick Grimes.

AMC’s version of this first encounter is quite different.

Rick’s Questions, Lori’s Values, And Luck

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

Rather than running into Michonne, Siddiq is first found by Carl Grimes. In the first episode, Rick Grimes scares off the new character by shooting warning shots over his head. Since this encounter, Carl has been looking for the lost man.

The new character has been lost and living alone for far too long. In an effort to honor his parents, Siddiq has been killing as many zombies as he can. Basically, his mother believed that killing the walkers could free their souls.

Likewise, Carl Grimes is also thinking about his parents. When he met with Siddiq the second time, he complimented the man’s ideals from his parents. Then, he asked Rick’s three questions and said his mother taught him to always do the right thing.

Despite their good intentions, Carl and Siddiq are nearly killed when they try to take down half a dozen walkers. Carl Grimes feels responsible for this person, but it’s unclear if this decision will actually come back to bite him.

Do you think Siddiq will be a good character on AMC’s version of The Walking Dead?

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