Negan: The Devastating Truth About Who He Killed And Why

By Vee Jones | Monday Monday Staff -    2016-08-12

Since the season 6 finale fans “The Walking Dead” have been driving themselves crazy trying to figure “Who Did Negan Kill?” The truth however may be even worse than we previously could have speculated.

(Potential SPOILERS Ahead)

According to,

Based on photos from the set of “The Walking Dead,” The Spoiling Dead Fans have established which actors/characters have appeared in specific episodes so far.

It appears the cast and crew has filmed the first five or six episodes of Season 7. Every character has appeared in multiple episodes with the exception of a few.

[Another Warning for SPOILERS]

Out of the group at the mercy of Negan in the last episode of Season 6, the two actors playing Glenn and Abraham have only been seen during the shooting of the season premiere. reports that,

Actor Steven Yeun is involved in a movie starring Tilda Swinton and Jake Gyllenhaal, which is currently filming overseas. “The Walking Dead” could be shooting around Yeun’s schedule with plans to film his scenes later on (Though that seems a little unlikely).

That wouldn’t bode well for Abraham Ford, leaving him as the most likely candidate to meet Negan’s trusty bat, Lucille. Perhaps actor Michael Cudlitz also has other obligations. Though, he’s been spotted at fan events without the character’s trademark red hair.

This leaves us with the most likely with one possible scenario. Negan kills more than one of the characters.

The chances of Negan getting ready to murder Glenn and for Abraham to intervene, forcing Negan to kill both of them is totally possible.

Despite the evidence available, we can only speculate.

What do you think? Who does Negan kill? Is it possible the two characters die?


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