Negan Is On THIS Mission On TWD ‘Big Scary U’ Episode


“We have some serious business to attend to…” said Negan, covered in walker guts. Moments after he and Father Gabriel escaped the surrounded trailer, the two came in to address the workers in the Sanctuary.

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

“Like talking to my right-hand man,” confirmed the mad-man, Lucille in hand. “We gotta figure out how all this could have happened like it happened.” Negan, of course, is referring to Rick Grimes’ attack on the Sanctuary.

For this leader, the suspects include Eugene, Dwight, and possibly even Simon. “Then, we will get back to doing what we’ve always done,” said Negan to his troops. “We will save people.”

Negan Arrives And Wants To Find The Rat

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

Earlier in the episode, while Negan was presumed dead, Gavin also started pointing fingers at some of the Lieutenants. Among the suspects were Regine, Eugene, Simon, Gavin, and Dwight.

With their leader presumed dead, the various Lieutenants started to discuss what they should do next. Since they’re all “Negan,” Simon decided that Negan would never be dead (even if he was), because Negan is an idea.

Regina wanted to sacrifice the workers, but Eugene stopped her. Luckily for Eugene, Dwight also backed him up.

Will Dwight Or Eugene Rat Out The Other One?

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

Regardless of what happened during Negan’s escape, the remainder of the season will likely focus on his hunt for “the rat.” This reminds us of films like Reservoir Dogs or The Departed, where spies are being hunted like dogs.

It’s more than likely that Negan will want to speak to Simon but it’s doubtful that he will suspect him. Based on the trailer for the episode, it looked like Dwight could be a suspect, although that is also unlikely.

As Eugene said in the episode, he is the most likely candidate. Since Eugene is also a coward, he may be the more plausible one to find the rat.

During “Big Scary U,” Eugene visits Dwight’s room and offers him some pickles as a “thank you” for backing him up. Dwight quickly points out that he supports the idea, but never confirms to have “his six” (or back) like Eugene had said.

The real question now, of course, is whether or not Dwight and Eugene will rat out the other one to Negan.

Do you think Dwight will get Eugene killed to save himself?

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