Negan Just Answered Every Fan’s Biggest Question (And We’re In Shock..)


“You want to know why people are going to start dying in there? Because I’m not there to stop it,” said Negan to Father Gabriel. While trapped in the camper, surrounded by walkers, Negan told the priest the truth about the Saviors.

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“I told this place,” he said. “It was a damn free-for-all. An army made up of gangs of animals. I brought it all together,” he said. Then, he went on to describe how he was different than the last guy.

For Negan, he believes that he makes people stronger.

Negan Talks About His Greatest Regret

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Fans were surprised to hear that Negan didn’t build the Sanctuary from the ground up. Instead, he arrived just like everyone else but decided to take over. Because he felt the last man was weak, he decided to encourage others to be strong.

In fact, he went on to describe his life before the outbreak. There are certain elements that he didn’t describe, but from the comic, we also know he was a teacher and stayed by his wife’s bed as she died from cancer at the peak of the outbreak.

Negan Believes He Is The Good Guy

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

Not only did Negan reveal the truth about the Saviors origin, but he also confessed what happened in his life before the outbreak. He told the priest that he cheated on his wife and wasn’t the man he was supposed to be.

After she died, he couldn’t let her go. At that point, while holding her beyond her death (presuming the hospital was evacuated like Rick’s hospital), he couldn’t leave her. It’s possible he was even holding her the way the Governor held his daughter for too long.

This, according to Negan, was what made him weak. He sees a confession as a moment of weakness, so he confessed his weakest moment. The real problem is that he has no regrets after the outbreak other than this.

For Negan, he likes killing people and thinks it is simply the way to survive these days. He thinks that killing the right people in the wrong way is the best way for everyone to survive.

If he doesn’t believe he’s doing anything wrong, he’ll never be able to change.

What did you think about Negan’s confession?

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