Here’s Why The 5 Words Eugene Said Here Are Chilling… [SPOILER]


“Negan ain’t the dying type, Dwight,” said Eugene, gun to the back of his head. On the latest The Walking Dead, Eugene proves his worth to Negan, while also acknowledging that his leader may in fact be invincible.

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

Earlier in the episode, Eugene and Negan have a unique conversation. With Lucille over his shoulder, Negan sits at the head of his table in the conference room. “If things don’t get fixed soon, a lot of people are going to die,” said the leader.

Meanwhile, Eugene does everything to further the legend of Negan.

Who Will Die Next On The Walking Dead?

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

“My people [are going to die]. Not me, of course. I’m living no matter what. I am too good at this sh*t, but others. And, I can’t have that. I don’t want to see people get shot up, chewed up, and chew up the rest,” said Negan.

Then, he said he didn’t want Eugene to get eaten either. While painting this horrid picture for Eugene, it’s clear he’s working over Eugene. By calling him “strong” with a “spectacular mullet,” he continues to create value within Eugene.

But what makes Negan so sure that he won’t be the next one to die?

Negan, The Unkillable Savior’s Leader

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

There’s always a possibility that Negan is like King Ezekiel, meaning he’s simply feeding his own legend. But if that’s not the case, he could be thinking more like Morgan, who truly believes that he can’t be killed.

Either way, this could be leading up the storyline from the comic book. In Robert Kirkman’s story, Rick Grimes decides not to kill Negan. But it’s not because of Negan, it’s because he wants to set a precedent for the future.

Then again, we haven’t proven that Morgan isn’t invincible. If, for some reason, there are some people who can’t die, perhaps Negan is one of them. Again, this hasn’t been proven, but there’s been too many examples to argue with.

Either way, Negan convinces Eugene that he is a great leader. In addition, he also makes Eugene completely give in to his legend.

Do you think Negan and Morgan could possibly be invincible?

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