What You Didn’t Realize When Negan Paid Tribute To Glenn Rhee With THIS…


“We kill the right people in the wrongest way possible!” exclaimed Negan to his troops. In the latest episode of The Walking Dead, we’re reminded of how and why Negan killed Glenn Rhee. There’s also a small tribute to the first time Rick met Glenn.

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

In “Big Scary U,” Negan’s mentality on people being nothing more than a resource surprised everyone. Given that he kills in a horrific manner, it’s surprising to think that he actually wants to spare lives.

Regardless, when he talks about killing the best people in the worst way, we’re reminded of Glenn Rhee and Abraham Ford.

Remembering Glenn Rhee On The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

When Negan killed these two heroes, it was likely because they were the best of the bunch. Both Abraham and Glenn made it clear that they were either married or involved, which made their deaths all the more impactful.

Because they were in relationships, Negan knew their deaths would hurt more people. It also meant that he didn’t have to kill as many people. Rick killed a dozen Saviors in the outpost, but Negan only killed two of Rick’s people.

Later in this episode, we’re also reminded of Glenn and Rick’s first introduction.

Negan Uses This Glenn Rhee Trick To Survive

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

In Season 7, Rick Grimes had to pull over and tell Michonne the truth about Glenn. After several sleepless nights, Rick finally had to break down and reveal how upset he was that his friend was now dead.

Looking back, Glenn has been with us as long as Rick Grimes or Morgan Jones. In the pilot episode, we hear Glenn’s voice come over the walkie-talkie. This was a voice that saved Rick several times.

However, when the two actually met, Rick almost shot Glenn. Luckily, Glenn Rhee helped his new sheriff friend get out of a tricky situation. However, when the duo got to safety, they realized they needed to cover themselves in walker guts in order to travel among the dead.

In “Big Scary U,” Father Gabriel and Negan use the same tactic to get out of the trailer, which is surrounded by walkers. Like Glenn and Rick, the duo cover themselves in walker guts and then walk through the crowd.

Does this make you like Negan or hate him more?


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