Read Negan’s FULL Private Confession, Word for Word


“I think I’m here to take your confession,” said Father Gabriel. In his mind, the Priest believes that he was saved to speak with Negan.

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

After the two speak for a while, Father Gabriel tries to trick Negan and takes his gun back. With a quick shot, Negan turns and pushes him away. Gabriel’s next instinct is to hide in the other room.

“Most importantly Gabriel, we have each other,” said Negan through the door. This is when Father Gabriel finally starts to get a confession from the Saviors leader.

Negan Starts To Confess

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

Through the door, Father Gabriel listened to Negan’s plan. “I’ve killed before, but that’s not my greatest sin,” said the Priest. “I locked my congregation out of my church when this whole thing started,” he confessed.

On the other side, Negan listened to this man’s confession. Perhaps in an effort of reverse psychology, the confession inspired Negan to also tell part of his story about how he became the leader of the Saviors.

“That Is How I Was Weak…”

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

“Jesus, Gabe. What you did… That is some horrible, cowardly, spineless sh*t,” said Negan. “But I guess that’s what a confession is supposed to be.” After a short beat, he added, “My first wife was a real wife. My only real wife. Till death did us part.”

Negan then went on to discuss his life before the outbreak. He lied to his wife and slept around on her. She dies of an illness during the outbreak, but it wasn’t due to the outbreak.

“I couldn’t put her down,” said Negan. “That is how I was weak. That is what I will confess. Maybe we do bite the big one here,” he added. It seemed Negan apparently only regrets his actions before the outbreak.

With that in mind, we wonder if there is any redemption for Negan. Since his only confession relates to life at the beginning of the outbreak, it’s possible that nothing will ever change with Negan.

Do you think Negan can ever really be trusted?

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