This Damning Truth About Morgan May Be Too Much To Hear…


In the second episode of Season 8, we see Rick, Daryl, Morgan, and company continue their attack on the Saviors. This time, thanks to Dwight’s various details, they are focusing on how to take out the multiple outposts.

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

“The Damned” begins with Aaron and a group coming in to attack a new group of Saviors we haven’t’ seen before. Daryl and Rick are looking for more guns, and Morgan has another group at another outpost.

During the episode, however, it looks like Morgan might have lost it once more.

Morgan Believes That He “Doesn’t Die…”

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

At one point during the episode, Morgan tells a few of the Kingdommers that he doesn’t need any help. He is convinced that he “doesn’t die,” meaning no one can kill him, despite the odds.

He goes off by himself and starts drawing attention to himself so the walkers protecting the area will come over to him. This way, the others can take out the exterior guards so they can move in.

Inside, however, there is a different story, and it looks like he has met his match.

Morgan Shot Point Blank, But…

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

Morgan kicks a door and several Saviors bust out and opens fire. At this point, it looks like Andy, Morgan and another warrior have been killed. The three fall back and hit the ground.

A moment later, however, we see our hero open his eyes. Apparently, he was merely playing dead to get the drop on these men. Once he stands up and quickly mourns the deaths of his fellow men, he stands with his guns.

He starts to move through the outpost, alone, and guns blazing. One after the other, he takes out more and more of these Saviors. Soon, he busts outside, and the light nearly blinds him. At this point, we hear what’s going on in his mind.

He has always had problems determining what’s right and what’s wrong. When he sees that the Savior who killed Benjamin is outside amongst Jesus’ prisoners, he nearly blows him away right there in front of everyone.

It’s unclear if he made the right decision not to kill this man, but the real mystery is whether or not he is the prophet he believes he is.

Do you think it’s possible that Morgan really can’t be killed?

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