Did Henry Just Make The Most Wild Decision On The Walking Dead?


Morgan Jones has always been somewhat of a wild card on The Walking Dead. Like a seesaw, he’s never really balanced. Instead, he’s leaning one way or another. In his case, this could be sanity and insanity or peaceful and vindictive.

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

Eastman helped Morgan get off the death of his son, Duane. But when the Saviors killed his new protégé, Benjamin, he started leaning towards the dark side once more. When he started wearing Benjamin’s armor, he really looked insane.

Now, he’s basically a killing machine who director Greg Nicotero even compared to Halloween’s Mike Myers. But Henry makes him reconsider his actions.

Henry Follows The Actions Of Morgan Jones

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

After Morgan and Carol saved King Ezekiel, Gavin escaped were a gunshot wound to the leg. In an effort to clear the Kingdom, Morgan went after him. At this point, he would have already been killed if not for Carol.

Carol saved Morgan’s life when he went rogue on two Saviors who were loading a truck. He could have easily gone around them, saved the King, and snuck out. But he wanted for all of the Saviors to die.

While he was trying to decide what to do with Gavin, Henry made the decision for him. A tiny spear shot through Gavin’s neck with Henry on the other end of it.

Entering The Point Of No Return

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

As Carl Grimes said his goodbyes and tried to convince his dad to end the war, a real-life example takes place in front of Morgan. When he sees the boy kill Gavin, he knows things have gone too far.

It’s one thing to seek vengeance for the death of Benjamin or to simply look for freedom, but Morgan always takes it too far. When he sees Benjamin’s brother Henry do something that will change his life, he’s heartbroken.

This same type of story exists in movies like Road to Perdition or the FX series Justified when a vengeful child is given a gun. In this case, Henry makes a spear out of his staff and uses it just like Morgan, his idol.

But, this could mean that it’s already too late for the boy. This could mean that it’s already too late for Carl’s dying wish to come true.

Do you think Morgan will somehow be more peaceful after the war?

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