Several characters on The Walking Dead have been bent to a point of breaking, but the two most iconic are likely Carol Peletier and Morgan Jones. Most likely, that is why these two keep coming back together. In the mid-season premiere of Season 8B, Morgan seems shaky once again.

In the past, Morgan lost it after his son was killed. Since he couldn’t take the shot on this reanimated wife, he lost his son when he was overtaken by walkers. This led Morgan to a state of mind where he simply wanted to “clear” an area. This meant setting traps and killing walkers one-by-one.

Now, Morgan is trying to “clear” out the Saviors, but he may die in the process.

Morgan Jones Turns Into Michael Myers

Morgan Jones and Carol Peletier ran into each other in the Kingdom. There, they came up with a plan to save King Ezekiel. But, Morgan ended up going rogue one again and nearly got himself killed. When he went after two Saviors, a third got the drop on it, but Carol was there to save him.

Eastman, the man who taught Morgan the peaceful state of Aikido, helped him realign himself. But, the death of Benjamin put him into another spiral downward. In the premiere, he’s back to the same mindset. In the premiere, director Greg Nicotero even compared him to Michael Myers from Halloween.

Morgan went on a rampage and his final target was Gavin.

Clearing Out The Saviors From The Kingdom

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

“We don’t need to go, if all of them are dead,” said Morgan Jones to King Ezekiel and Carol Peletier. After a quick shootout, only Gavin out it out with his life. Morgan went after the wounded man, but Carol and the King followed and encouraged him not to kill Gavin.

But, while Morgan debated with the internal struggle, Gavin died in front of him. A spear came out through his neck from the other side. As the body fell to the ground, young Henry stood with a bloodied spear. Perhaps this instance will actually inspire Morgan to slow down and rethink his actions.

Perhaps Henry’s accident will save them both.

Do you think Morgan can turn around his ways?

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