The Newest Episode Will Change How You See Morgan In THIS Way…


On The Walking Dead, Morgan has always towed the line between right and wrong. Unlike the other characters, who live in somewhat of a grey area, Morgan is usually all good or all bad.

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

In the past, he was simply trying to save his son, Duane. Later, his purpose was to “clear,” which meant to kill all the walkers in a given area. After that, he met Eastman, who taught him the ways of Aikido, which meant to be peaceful at all costs.

Now, however, he seems closer to the “Clear” mental state once again.

Morgan Can’t Control His State of Mind

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

In addition to his clear mindset, he also seems to believe he is untouchable. It’s unclear exactly where this idea came from but based on “The Damned,” it seems more true than not true.

Other than the fact that there are zombies walking the earth, most of the occurrences on The Walking Dead are believable with reality. If Morgan is some kind of unkillable prophet, however, that could change things.

In the second episode of the eighth season, both of the people next to him were shot, but he somehow survived.

Is Morgan Really Unkillable?

Jules | Photo Credit Pulp Fiction

More than likely, the fact that Morgan survived is a coincidence. In a way, it parallels a scene from Pulp Fiction. When two hitmen are in front of a man who opens fire on them, somehow neither men are shot.

One of the men then believes there was some miracle that protected him. Ironically, Morgan believed this before these bullets missed him. Now, he’s likely to go down the rabbit hole with his beliefs.

After he stood up, he went to clear the outpost. With two guns, he went through and killed the rest of the Saviors one-by-one. Outside, Jesus and the others started to take the rest of the Saviors captive.

When Morgan got outside, he wanted to kill them, since that’s what they were sent there to do. Throughout these scenes, we hear a glimpse into Morgan’s mindset, which is clearly unstable.

Do you think Morgan’s mental state will get him killed? Or is he untouchable?


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