Michonne Just Revealed Her Greatest Weakness… This Changes Everything…


Rick And Michonne Search For Supplies

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

In The Walking Dead’s “Say Yes,” Rick and Michonne are out looking for supplies. Luckily, they find both guns, and a ton of food, at an abandoned high school that also has a fair ground on site.

During the episode, we find out that Rick Grimes isn’t sleeping well. After falling asleep in the car, he’s later seen unable to sleep inside the high school. Rick’s current weakness is that he misses his friend, Glenn.

Michonne’s weakness may be much worse, however.

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

The following morning, Rick and Michonne are slaying walkers to gather up guns for the future war against Negan. Rick sees a deer and stops his plans of killing a few walkers in order to try and kill a deer for Michonne.

His actions are foolish, however, and nearly get him killed. Rick ends up falling off the Ferris wheel and then lands on the ground. He’s surrounded by walkers, which makes him shoot them and draw more.

When Michonne arrives, she believes Rick has been killed.

Michonne Reveals She Can’t Live Without Rick

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

Michonne drops her katana and watches the walker herd. They’re gathered around feeding on a deer, but she believes their meal to be Rick. It’s not until he resurfaces and tosses her the katana that she snaps out of her funk.

If Rick had actually died, Michonne may have sacrificed herself as well. The beginning of the episode represented their growing relationship, but this moment revealed that Michonne has now fallen in love and believes she can’t live without Rick.

Rick tries to comfort her by telling her that she can live without him and that they must survive for the future, but Michonne isn’t having it. If something happens to Rick, Michonne may die soon after.

Do you think Michonne’s love for Rick will be her greatest weakness?

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