Is Michonne’s Mission On The Walking Dead A World Of ‘Carl-topia’?


When Maggie spots a mysterious package outside of the gates of Hilltop, Michonne is the only one who wants to believe it’s a good thing. Many think it will be a trap but Michonne knows that Carl Grimes wants her to have faith.

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Carl Grimes died for his beliefs but he also introduced their world to Saddiq, the new, much-needed doctor. In an effort to push forward with the idea of Carl-topia, this will mean trusting strangers once more.

“Rick wants us here,” said Enid in defense. “The last time we took a chance like this, it changed everything,” said Michonne. This time, she was right again.

Carl Grimes’ Trust Brought Georgie To Hilltop

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In his final days, Carl Grimes was trying to live a life more like the farmer version of his father. Back when they found the prison, Rick was trying to calm down and stop fighting. He really just wanted to teach his son to farm.

But thanks to the Governor and a series of other bad guys, he had to start fighting once again. Actually, thanks to people like the Claimers and the Termites, Rick had to be the worst version of himself. Then, Negan came along.

Now, Carl wants his father to try to find peace in a time of war.

Maybe Carl-topia Is Possible After All

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

At the meeting with Georgie, Michonne tried to convince Maggie to trust in Georgie and take her order. She too wants “people to believe in people again.” Cleary, Carl Grimes would have liked this new character.

The newcomer in the pantsuit wants to create a sustainable future for this groups she comes across. In “The Key,” she made it clear that she hadn’t seen many groups like Hilltop and hasn’t seen one in quite a while.

In an effort to create “an exercise in trust,” she reached out to Hilltop. Skeptical, Maggie decided to skip the barter and bring her and her colleagues back to Hilltop. She did not put them in with the prisoners, however.

Eventually, she decided to take Georgie’s offer and it looks like we’ll see this character again in the future. Some people even believe she is the leader of the comic’s Commonwealth.

Either way, Michonne is the only person living like Carl, but that could be about to change.

What did you think of this new character on The Walking Dead?

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