Fans Freaking Out Over What Melissa McBride Just Hinted At


Melissa McBride Talks Zombie Apocalypse

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit Entertainment Weekly

Some fans of The Walking Dead have started to say the series feels repetitive. Mainly, they’re getting used to the group finding a new place and fighting new bad guys. Melissa McBride thinks the show may soon change that.

With their 100th episode around the corner, The Walking Dead cast is already thinking about the next 100 shows. Melissa McBride who plays Carol wants to see some significant changes to the show.

She believes that they should start looking for a cure to the zombie outbreak.

Melissa McBride On Chapstick And Cures

The Walking Dead | Photo Comic Book

Melissa McBride spoke about her plans for the future of The Walking Dead. They start with ChapStick and end with a cure. “I’d love some ChapStick. How about just a little essentials bag? It would be some sunglasses and a ChapStick, some sunscreen, and maybe a couple of hairpins and hair combs,” she said.

Melissa also joked that she would love to talk to the survivors about “how utterly bizarre” their lives are. “Oh, and the other thing is I would like to hear: what is this virus? What’s going on with that?” she added. “What is this thing? Is there any end in sight? Is anybody looking into that somewhere in the world? How far has this gone?”

This could tie back into Sonequa Martin-Green’s protection for the series.

Sonequa-Martin Green’s TWD Prediction

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

A few seasons ago, Sasha actress Sonequa Martin-Green said she thought the show might end when the gang discovers the outbreak is only in America. Perhaps it was even some sort of act of terrorism.

Fear the Walking Dead contradicts this theory since they’ve now contacted an astronaut. However, it’s possible that Fear and The Walking Dead will never cross-over so that this argument could come true.

Melissa McBride is right to ask these questions. The show is focusing on small battles, in the long run. The survivors are too busy fighting one another to focus on fighting the many herds of walkers that roam the earth.

Then again, the series could have a different ending all-together. Less and less survivors are getting bitten. The original zombies are looking pretty rough, so they may eventually just decay and fall apart.

What do you think of Melissa McBride comments on the show?

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