Is The Walking Dead Now Too Physically Exhausting For Melissa ‘Carol’ McBride?


“In this episode, Carol gets really physical. For me, this is the most physically demanding that I think I’ve ever had to approach for Carol,” said Melissa McBride on Talking Dead. The episode in question involved the death of around forty Kingdommers.

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

In Season 8, King Ezekiel essentially led his people to slaughter. In the final moments of one episode, a machine gun from the Savior watchtower took out the majority of the Kingdom fighters.

Luckily, Carol was just around the corner.

Melissa McBride Envies Carol’s Agility

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

“Me, I’m clumsy on my feet. If it’s on the ground, I’ll find it and trip over it. There could be nothing there and I just fall. Carol, [she moves] like a gazelle,” said actress Melissa McBride.

In the episode, Carol hides in the ceiling to take out a handful of Saviors from above. With her assault rifle, she took out the first group of Saviors by firing down through the ceiling, almost like a scene out of Die Hard.

Then, she had a more difficult decision to make.

Carol’s Huge Decision On The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

After the Saviors’ machine gun attack, Carol knew she had to get that gun in order to win the war. But, when it came down to it, she had a more difficult decision to make. She could either help Jerry and the King or get the guns.

In the end, Carol believes that people are more important. Carol chose to save King Ezekiel and Jerry, but that meant letting the guns get away. Luckily for Carol, Rick and Daryl Dixon were already on their way.

Carol opened the gate so her friends could find safety. In the background, Daryl on his motorcycle and Rick Grimes in his truck went after the Saviors who were getting away with the machine gun.

In the end, Rick and Daryl did get the machine guns. But on their way to safety, Carol, Jerry, and the King were saved again, but it meant the death of Shiva the tiger.

Are you hoping to see more of action Carol in The Walking Dead Season 8B? How many Kingdommers do you think they lost (read here)?


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