Melissa McBride Said They Killed Everyone Who Might Have Zombie “Cure” In S1


“We blew them up the first season,” said actress Melissa McBride when asked about immunity or a cure for the zombie virus. Essentially, The Walking Dead will never be about scientists or the military discovering a cure for the outbreak.

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

Creator Robert Kirkman believes that any kind of immunity or cure would make the show boring. Since its been done before and it’s unreliable, he wants for his series to stick to people simply surviving the attack.

But, this is bad news for Carl Grimes, who has a bite on his torso.

Melissa McBride Said Series Destroyed Cure S01

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

Melissa McBride is specifically referring to the CDC back in the first season. The original impulse for Rick Grimes, Carol Peletier, and Daryl Dixon was to head over to their local scientific facility and look for answers.

But, other than whatever was whispered in Rick’s ear, there were no answers. There was only danger. The head scientist in charge decided it was time for his world to come to an end and he literally blew up the facility.

“We blew them up,” said Melissa McBride about anyone who might have the answer.

No More Talk Of Cure Since Eugene’s Lie

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

There wasn’t any real indication that the CDC could do anything about the virus. More than likely, since the scientist hadn’t seen it before, he probably compared it to other viruses that can’t be stopped at a certain point of contamination (hence the ticking time bomb).

Other than Eugene’s lie about Washington, there hasn’t been another conversation about finding a cure. Instead, the various groups are focused on their areas and survival for the future. Basically, they’re going to live with walkers until there are no more walkers.

For Carl Grimes, these days (or hours) are numbered. Since Robert Kirkman has promised us there won’t be any type of immunity, it looks like Carl’s bite will drain the life from him in the next episode. Before he goes, however, he’s going to remind his dad about good in the world.

Hopefully Carl can talk some since into Rick to win the war early.

Do you think the series will ever move towards a cure despite Kirkman’s wishes?


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