Melissa McBride Breaks Down Carol’s Trippy Trip To The Kingdom


Carol Finds The Kingdom

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

Fans were expecting the Kingdom in Season 7, based on the comic from Robert Kirkman, but not everything went as planned. What was even more unusual was seeing the Kingdom through Carol’s eyes, as she hallucinating from a wound.

The Kingdom was too much for Carol, so she quickly made another escape plan only to be “caught” by the King himself. King Ezekiel didn’t exactly beg her to stay. Instead, he invited her to “go and not go.”

Actress Melissa McBride spoke with E! News about the Kingdom.

Finding Solitude On The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

“She’s really trying to save herself in a way,” said McBride. “She doesn’t want to be around more people. She doesn’t want to form new relationships. She doesn’t want to be responsible for other people. She doesn’t want to be obligated to anything. [Laughs] She just wants to get away.”

Based on the hallucinations from earlier in the episode, it was obvious that Carol had essentially had enough of this life. She wanted to be on her own and get away from everyone and everything that stood in her way.

Now, however, she’s back with the group. At least for now…

Knowing What To Fight For

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

At the end of the finale, Carol is sitting with Morgan once again on the stairs. The two have changed a great deal over the arc of Season 7, but they seem to understand that Rick is fighting for the future and not just territory anymore.

“I think they both realize they’re in a difficult spot on their own in this world, you know, where they stand and how they look at it. And it’s not too far from one another. One was so over-zealous and lost, killing everything that moved and then found a different place to be in, where that really doesn’t work either, he found.”

Now we’ll have to see how Morgan and Carol cope with what’s coming.

Do you think Carol and Morgan’s peaceful intentions will eventually get them killed?

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