[CLUE] Here’s Everything You Need To Know About Dwight Right Now


For Eugene and Dwight, there are moral repercussions when deciding an allegiance with Rick Grimes. Up until the most recent episode, Eugene has been somewhat good and Dwight somewhat bad. But will Daryl Dixon’s attack make Dwight rethink his alliance?

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In “Time for After,” audiences saw the first time Eugene and Dwight took action to match their words. Dwight turned out to be good (by not killing Eugene) and Eugene turned out to be bad (by completely siding with Negan).

As Dwight watched the walkers pile in due to an unknown attack, it’s possible that he is reconsidering Rick Grimes and Negan. For now, he doesn’t know that Rick wasn’t even involved. 

What Does Dwight Think Of Rick Grimes Now?

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Since we know that Dwight has told Rick and Daryl how and where to find the snipers, we assume Dwight is also getting insider information. Like Eugene and the others, he had to be surprised to see Daryl driving a truck into the side of the building.

As the walkers filed in, Dwight too watched innocent people die. Despite the fact that he’s helping Rick Grimes, he too believed that no one else should have to die other than Negan.

But this attack took far more lives than one and Negan is still safe and sound.

Dwight’s Major Decision On The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

On the other side of the battle, we also know that Daryl Dixon and Tara are dying to kill Dwight. During their front porch chat, both made it clear they wanted to kill Dwight and sooner rather than later.

While Dwight doesn’t know this, he must be rethinking his new team. In addition to the unannounced walker attack, he’s also got to worry about Eugene who knows the truth.

Eugene, like Gregory, is the type of person who only looks out for number one. During “Time for After,” he wanted to tell Negan the truth but the others broke in so he kept his mouth shut.

Soon, Dwight is going to have to make a major decision. Since he didn’t kill Eugene, it’s possible that he’s really becoming a good guy. But, he’s either going to need to escape, kill Negan himself, or take out Eugene in order to survive.

What do you think Dwight will do in the season finale?

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