What TWD Fans Did Not Realize About How Many Kingdommers Were…


At the end of “Monsters,” King Ezekiel was smiling to hear that he hadn’t lost any men in the battle. Moments later, the smile left his face because something caught his eye. In the distance, a machine gun took out the first row of Kingdommers.

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

For fans, it looked like only 6-8 soldiers got killed. In reality, it looks like 20 to 30 of the Kingdommers were killed. In fact, if you look back at the speech in the woods, there are around 40 soldiers.

Around 37 soldiers were killed in this Savior machine gun attack. Now, the question is who will lead and whether or not the King can come back from this?

The Kingdommers Are Caught Off-Guard

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

For the first four episodes, King Ezekiel has been the beacon of hope. Despite everyone’s concerns, he’s been there to motivate. For a moment, we even saw Carol smile at the King’s ways and his methods.

But, the celebration was short-lived. The machine guns from the Saviors compost took out everyone within reach of the King. Somehow, Jerry and the other Kingdommer survived as they were off killing walkers.

Luckily, Carol also survived the attack.

Carol Must Decide What To Save…

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

Moments after the Kingdommers thought they won the battle, Carol said they needed to sweep the compound. Apparently, despite the King’s slow actions, she went ahead to complete the plan.

Inside, Carol climbed into the ceiling and waited for her prey. Underneath her, when the Saviors entered with the guns, she took them out with her assault rifle. She shot down through the ceiling and killed three in an instant.

Carol gets away by taking out a few more Saviors and then sending in walkers to attack. But, when she’s preparing to have a stand-off with the duo, she sees that Jerry and King Ezekiel are in need of help. She needs to make a big decision.

Meanwhile, the guns that Carol are after are also the guns that Rick and Daryl are going after. Carol decides to help out her friends, which means the guns get away. Luckily, Daryl and Rick are there to take them down.

In the end, when Jerry, Carol, and King Ezekiel return, it’s difficult to say whether or not he will continue to lead his people. Someone else may need to step up.

Do you think Carol or Jerry could lead the Kingdom one day?

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