Here’s What “Turned” Tara Instantly As Soon As She Saw It (And Why)…


When Jesus and Tara first enter the outpost, they quickly take out two Saviors. At this point, presumably, they’re taking out guards and lookouts. However, when given a chance to save a Savior, Jesus wants to take him, prisoner.

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

Normally, Tara is more of a fun-loving character, but thinking about Denise’s death has changed her. In fact, there is one thing she finds in the outpost that likely makes her think of this death once more.

There’s a sign in the hallway of the outpost that reads, “Tomm says, Kill the b*tches.”

Graffiti And Blood Enrages Tara

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

In addition to the graphic sign, there is also blood on the wall and bullet holes. At this point, there’s no clear connection that this makes to a person, but it could enrage for Tara for a few reasons.

First of all, it implies that the Saviors are killing women at this outpost. Second, it’s derogatory towards women even if it wasn’t so graphic. Finally, it reminds her that Dwight killed Tara with ease.

As everyone moves past her, she stays and stares at the sign.

Jesus And Tara Disagree About Prisoner

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

From this point forward, she has a different mindset than the others. Most of the ops team is merely doing what they are told. When it comes down to one man who surrenders, however, Jesus and Tara see things differently.

She wants to kill everyone they come across because that’s what she believes Rick would want. She also seeks revenge because she’s upset that the one person she loved has been killed for no reason.

When Denise died, Dwight has even said he was aiming for Daryl Dixon. Knowing this, Tara wanted to see Daryl kill Dwight rather than give him a chance to help out Rick’s group.

In the end, Jesus got his way, if only for a moment. He’s going to take back these outpost Saviors to Maggie to see what she wants to do with them. Jesus believes that Maggie will show restraint and spare their lives. She believes Rick will order death.

What they don’t know, however, is that Rick Grimes may be taken prisoner himself.

Do you think Tara is working out of anger or by order from Rick Grimes?


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