Maggie’s Big Moment In The Tractor Was An “Homage” To The Greene Family


She made it perfectly clear to Gregory that her name is “Maggie Rhee,” but it was her farm roots as part of the Greene family that saved the day.

After the death of her husband Glenn, on The Walking Dead, you might have expected Maggie to end up a broken woman. She is no doubt still grieving, but she has also shown some real strength.

Maggie’s big scene in this episode, was undoubtedly when she punched Gregory in the face. She then told him, he needed to remember her name from now on, “Maggie Rhee.”

Earlier, though, Maggie had another big moment when the Saviors unleashed a horde of walkers into the Hilltop. Maggie took charge and together, she, Maggie, and Jesus took out the walkers. It was Maggie, though, who hopped in the tractor and destroyed the car that was attracting the walkers.

True to Your Roots

Jesus and Sasha on AMCs The Walking Dead
Image Credit: AMC

“True farm girl, I know,” says Lauren Cohan, who plays Maggie. “It was great. It was fun too, because it’s just this little homage moment to the Greene family. I just like that there’s this pocket full of tricks that you don’t think are going to come in too handy, then lo and behold, actually do. Like, do we have someone who can drive a tractor across the field and crush a bunch of zombies and a gremlin?”

A Leader Emerges

Between that scene and the confrontation with Gregory, Maggie is coming into her own as a leader, as well. “There’s this sort of a conflicted drive there because she knows she has to take it easy with the placenta tear that’s happening, but ultimately she can’t stand still if there’s something that can be done,” says Cohan.

“So, yeah, I think it’s just instinctively knowing how we’re going to solve this problem and just jumping to it. And I like seeing the beginnings of her relationship with the other Hilltop residents that she is delegating to. It was a fun solution to find.”

Who knows what tricks Maggie has up her sleeve for upcoming episodes?


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