Maggie Rhee Makes Huge Compromise For Hilltop On The Walking Dead


In the latest episode of The Walking Dead, Maggie Greene Rhee revealed that her leadership role and her community are in trouble. She makes a few rash decisions and even goes back and fourth on whether or not to feed the prisoners. Either way, there’s at least one decision she could be wrong about.

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

For once, Gregory may actually be right. During Season 8, Episode 11, the prisoner suggests that they consider abandoning the Hilltop. Since every move Gregory makes is out of cowardice, Maggie quickly ignores the idea. But he may actually be on to something at this point.

After all, as if it’s not enough for the group to be fighting a war, they’re also about to run completely out of food.

Maggie Greene Rhee Makes A Compromise

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

When Maggie Greene Rhee changes her mind and decides to give the prisoners exercise and food, she does so because of Saddiq. More than likely, this is supposed to represent the effort for Carl Grimes push on being merciful and hospitable. After all, Saddiq is both thankful and has some medical experience.

Either way, she decides to listen to the prisoner and give them some mercy. But mercy or not, the Hilltop is in worse shape than ever before. Jesus is out looking for food but they’ve got prisoners inside who want to kill them and Saviors preparing for radioactive warfare beyond the walls.

Honestly, Gregory might be right about them abandoning ship.

Why Don’t They Just Abandon Hilltop?

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

In retrospect, it’s unclear why there are so many wars on the show. For the most part, the people inside (usually Rick) are just trying to keep what is their own. But it cost so much to fight for a piece of property. And, they’re all so much better at killing walkers that they really shouldn’t need huge fortresses.

Instead, what they really need is land to grow plants or to hunt. If they could grow enough food, they wouldn’t have to worry so much about protecting a small piece of property. After all, the Hilltop offers less than the Kingdom and Alexandria.

Either way, we’re hoping Maggie has a great Plan B because she’s in major trouble at the moment waiting for Rick Grimes to arrive or Negan to attack.

Do you think Maggie will consider Gregory’s offer?

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