This One Maggie Greene Moment Changed Everything…


“You were scared. You tried to cut a deal to save your own hide,” said Maggie Greene. In a conversation with Gregory, Maggie came to a stunning conclusion about the prisoners that Jesus brought back to Hilltop.

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

“We’ve had our differences, but I’ve sat in that chair. I can help,” said Gregory. While listening to another weak plea from Gregory, Maggie Greene listened to this man who betrayed the entire community.

“You need someone to tell you it’s okay to follow your gut,” said Gregory, not knowing he was sealing his own fate.

Maggie Greene Decides To Follow Her Gut

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After his conversation about sheep and wolves, Maggie decided to make a clear and unbiased decision about the prisoners. “In fact, I couldn’t stop thinking about what you told me yesterday,” she said.

“I grew up on a farm. I know all about sheep and wolves,” said Maggie Greene. With that comment, two of her soldiers grabbed Gregory and guided him into the new prison as well. After a short fight, they forced him inside.

Now, she can keep a close eye on everyone who wants to betray her. In reality, we learn there’s more to her plan.

Jesus Is Unhappy With Maggie’s Real Plan

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

Later, after consulting Aaron and meeting Baby Gracie, Maggie turns to face Jesus. In this scene, he visits to thank her for not killing the captured Saviors. However, he learns there’s much more to her plan and her thinking behind not killing them.

“Don’t [thank me],” she said. “The Saviors might be bargaining chips. Maybe we’ll have to trade them for some of our people. They’re alive because we might need them. But Jesus—if we don’t—we can’t let them live.”

Jesus is clearly upset to hear her true thoughts, but nothing has been finalized. It’s possible that Maggie could change her mind, depending on the outcome of the war. Then again, she may decide to kill them before the end of the war.

Regardless, she has made the right decision so far. In addition, there’s also the real possibility that Rick Grimes is being kept at the Heapsters’ while Father Gabriel is being kept at the Sanctuary.

Do you think Maggie Greene will have these prisoners executed or let them go?

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