This Maggie “Tribute” To 2 Lost Characters Will Make You Watch The Episode Again


“People who aren’t leaders always think they know better,” said Gregory to Maggie Greene. In the latest episode of The Walking Dead, it would appear that Maggie is taking counsel from the wrong man, but we know she’s really thinking about Hershel and Glenn Rhee.

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“It was pretty easy for me not to sell out the Hilltop to Negan,” replied Maggie. In their brief conversation, Gregory is holding on by his fingernails, trying to prove his worth to Maggie. In the end, however, it’s clear he has lost his position.

“You were scared. You tried to cut a deal to save your own hide,” she fired back.

Maggie Watch From Glenn Rhee, Hershel…

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After a brief discussion with Gregory, Maggie made it clear he’s only in the room so she can keep an eye on him. Surprisingly, he did give her some advice, but it’s not the advice he meant to give her.

When Gregory warned her about there being wolves amongst the sheep, he didn’t realize that he was lumping himself into that group. Later, when she decided to put the Saviors in a prison, she included Gregory amongst these other traitors.

With the watch in her hand, that Hershel gave to Glenn Rhee, Maggie made a final decision from her gut as to how to deal with the Saviors and Gregory.

Knowing The Difference In Sheep And Wolves

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

“I grew up on a farm,” said Maggie. “I know all about sheep and wolves.” With this simple message to Gregory, she made it clear that her messages are coming from the wisdom of both Hershel and Glenn Rhee.

In her final decision, she tossed Gregory in with the other wolves. Meanwhile, she had a message for Jesus as well. While this seemed like she had agreed with Jesus, she was really just keeping these Saviors as a battle tactic.

While holding Baby Gracie, she told Jesus, Aaron, and Enid that she only viewed these Saviors as “bargaining chips.” In this regard, she could use them if the Saviors trapped any of her people (like Father Gabriel or Rick Grimes).

Maggie never comes out and discusses Glenn Rhee or Hershel, but it’s clear these two are in her thoughts as she makes these decisions as a leader.

What did you think of this homage to her father and deceased husband?

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