Why Did Maggie Give Hershel’s Pocket Watch To Enid?


After Maggie’s pocket watch memorial to Glenn is stolen, she changes her mind about keeping mementos, embracing the Hilltop’s philosophy toward their dead.

Family Heirloom

A rarely seen family heirloom ended up playing a major role in this recent episode of The Walking Dead. Before Hershel died several seasons ago, he gave his pocket watch to Glenn. It was Hershel’s way of blessing the relationship between Glenn and his daughter, Maggie. When Sasha revealed the graves she’d dug for Glenn and Abraham, Maggie laid the pocket watch to rest, too.

Later in the episode, Maggie catches Gregory wearing the watch. For that and many other reasons, she punches him in the face. It’s a powerful scene. Later, Maggie gives the watch to Enid. Echoing the Hilltop residents’ reasoning for burning their dead, Maggie says, “We don’t need anything to remember him by. We have us.”

Sisterhood of the Traveling Pocket Watch

Maggie and Sasha on AMCs The Walking Dead
Image Credit: AMC

It speaks to a growing bond between Maggie and Enid — and Sasha, too. “I freaking love that scene,” says Lauren Cohan, who plays Maggie, “and the first one when she finds Enid and the balloons at the grave, and I just thought, that’s the story of these characters as Enid says, “Are you okay?” and Maggie says, “No, I’m not, but I’m going to be,” because how can I not try to find a way through when you’ve found your way to me to help me?”

“It’s just a cyclical thing, which is that theme again with the grilled cheese and the tomato soup scene,” continues Cohan. “And we have each other to remember them by, and that’s who we owe the survival and the perseverance to, is still standing in tribute to our fallen soldiers. I owe that to my sisters in this scene and to Sasha and Enid. We don’t need to understand why we’re still here or why things happen, but we do need to give that to each other.”

Joy in the Apocalypse

For Cohan, it’s the human moments that make it all worth it. “I love all of this almost as much as I love the roller-skating between Carl and Enid,” she says. “I think that’s the moment in there that I just thought, oh my gosh, I love when we find those pure joys in the apocalypse.”

Do memorial symbols matter, or are memories enough?


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