Worth Repeating -Looks Like Jesus Will Find A New Love Interest In Upcoming Comic


Issue 169, Jesus’ New Love Interest

In Robert Kirkman’s comic book, Issue 169, which comes from Charlie Adlard, Stafano Guadiano, Cliff Rathburn and the man himself, fans get to see how the gang deals with the aftermath of death and disaster while searching for hope.

Tom Payne| Photo Credit AMC

Rick Grimes wants to find someone who can seek out new members or connect with new communities, so he quickly thinks of Jesus, who did so for Hilltop. However, when Rick asks, it’s clear that Jesus has a new reason to stay home.

“When I said I have something worth staying for—it was a someone. A specific someone actually…”

Will Aaron And Jesus Find One Another?

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit Image Comics

Comic Book writes:

“As Rick Grimes seeks those who might reach out to a brand new community. And since Hilltop member Jesus’ performance when initially approaching Grimes band of survivors, he might be a perfect individual for Grimes to approach. But things have moved on for Jesus, since whatever might or might not have gone down with Alex…”

“Aaron lost his boyfriend Eric, shot in the head by a Savior when storming an outpost, collapsing in Aaron’s arms. A recruiter for the Alexandria Safe-Zone, they might have plenty in common… Aaron is played by Ross Marquand in the TV series, with Jesus played by Tom Payne. Could season 8 bring them closer together?”

Possibilities For Jesus On AMC

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit Image Comics

Unless new citizens arrive that spark Jesus’ interests, it’s possible that Aaron and Jesus could get together later in the series. On television, Aaron is currently with Eric, but we’re expecting that will soon end.

As Negan’s War approaches on AMC, Eric is likely to be one of the casualties of the war. In the end, while this will be utterly heartbreaking with Aaron, if we use Maggie or Carol as an example, it will clearly make him stronger, as a survivor, in the end.

How do you think Eric’s death might change Aaron?

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