JUST IN: Major Announcement From Lennie James 'Morgan' On TWD

JUST IN: Major Announcement From Lennie James ‘Morgan’ On TWD

By Brock Swinson | Monday Monday Staff -    2018-01-15    2 min read

“It’s me,” said actor Lennie James on Talking Dead. “I’m joining the cast of Fear the Walking Dead. I am speaking to you from Austin, Texas.” After secrets and whispers, the actor who plays Morgan made his big announcement on Chris Hardwick’s post-series.

Lennie James | Photo Credit Talking Dead

With Morgan leaving the show, fans are now wondering how this crossover is going to work. Scott Gimple has promised that there’s more Morgan on The Walking Dead (season 8B), but the timeline is the major issue.

Currently, Fear the Walking Dead is in the past, at the time of the outbreak, while The Walking Dead is in the future.

Lennie James Talks About His New Role

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

“From the very first moment of Morgan, my character, going over to Fear of the Walking Dead, the hardest part of it has been leaving The Walking Dead. Leaving that cast. Leaving that crew,” said an emotional Lennie James.

“I said my goodbyes to the cast and crew, but I would like to say, us actors, we take the bows but that show stands or falls on the back of that crew. They’re an amazing bunch of people and I’m going to miss them very much.”

Likewise, Chandler Riggs had similar comments on the crew. These actors will see the other cast members at Comic-Con events, but may not ever see or work with the crew again.

How The Two Shows Will Come Together

Fear the Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

Beyond the emotional goodbyes, Lennie James also had a pretty hectic schedule. After wrapping season 8 of The Walking Dead, he had to head over to Austin, Texas to start filming the new season of Fear the Walking Dead.

In addition to the timeline difference, the shows are also on at different times of the year. This is ideal for fans, but might be difficult for James, who is currently the only actor working on both shows.

“I’m looking forward to exploring Morgan in a new realm and a different place,” added Lennie James. Currently, the speculation is that the Fear scenes with Morgan are in the past, but we’re hoping it’s actually in the future, so the two shows can combine more in future seasons.

This will all depend on how they handle the timeline for both shows, which could mean some major time jumps.

Are you caught up on Fear the Walking Dead?

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