What Lennie James Just Said About Rick’s Future NOW Could Be A Big Spoiler


Over the years, we’ve often compared Morgan Jones and Carol Peleiter, as the two constantly switch between violence and peace. Now, with the pending death of Carl Grimes, Lennie James points out that Morgan is actually most similar to Rick Grimes.

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“It’s kind of manifested in what the two men do for each other; how they stand side by side; how they stand back to back and it’s is almost so deep…” said actor Lennie James about Morgan and Rick Grimes.

As you recall, Morgan is the one who introduced Rick Grimes to the new world.

Lennie James On Rick Grimes And Morgan

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“Morgan and Rick have kind of been mirroring each other all the way through their journey,” said Lennie James. “They were at the beginning two men defined by their families and defined by their women that they married and their children they had.”

Now, both men have lost their sons. For Rick Grimes, this a heartbreaking moment that is only beginning. If he follows the path of Morgan, that could mean major trouble for those around him.

After all, Morgan has gone through a great deal just to survive.

Does This Mean The End Of Rick Grimes?

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

After Duane died, Morgan got into a “clear” state of mind. In an effort to kill every walker in his path, he nearly killed himself. Since then, Eastman cured him, but Benjamin’s death broke him once more.

For Rick Grimes, his son Carl has always been his north star. Whether he’s trying to be a farmer, a husband, a killer, a leader, or a father, he always had his son to fall back on and to look after.

There have been several moments where Rick Grimes might have been killed, but the love for his son saved him. Without Carl Grimes, Rick may live in a state of mind where he doesn’t care about his life.

Rick still has Michonne, but he has already told her she should lead instead of him. He also announced that he doesn’t believe Judith is even his own child. Carl’s death may very well be the end of Rick Grimes.

With Carl Grimes leaving and Morgan going to Fear the Walking Dead, Rick Grimes is the last person from the original season.

Do you think Rick Grimes is on his way out?

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