This TWD Theme Park Will Pay You To Become A Roller Coaster Zombie


If you’ve ever wanted to live like you’re on The Walking Dead, Thorpe Park is about to bring your dreams to life. Not only does the amusement park work to scare fans of the AMC series but they’re even hiring professionals to work as live-action zombies.

Zombie | Photo Credit Instagram

Among the park’s Year of The Walking Dead attractions, new auditions for “scare actors” are also going to take place. Unlike Greg Nictero’s training, which involves the zombie walk-and-talk, these auditions are a little more intense.

The newest zombies are being asked to scare visitors from the top of a 127-foot roller coaster.

The Walking Dead Amusement Park

Thorpe Park | Photo Digital Spy

“To help us make The Year of The Walking Dead the most extreme it can be, we decided to put our actors to push themselves further than ever before,” said Suzy Birch, Head of Operations for Thorpe Park.

“We asked them to climb atop one of our scene roller coasters to see if they can deliver an extreme experience,” she added. “I can provide thrills, screams, horror, human emotion, and interaction,” said one roller coaster zombie actor.

“I want everyone to experience what I’ve experienced today,” he added.

The Year Of The Walking Dead Lives On

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

Applications are being held now through March for the big event. Whether you want to apply or attend, the event will take place throughout the year. There is also a Living Nightmare Extreme that will take place between May and June.

During the summer, from June until September, there will also be a zombie hunt. Essentially, the hunt will be a battle of survival in the woods. This will lead up to major Halloween events as well.

After October 5, there will be more intense Halloween-inspired fright nights for fans of The Walking Dead. According to Digital Spy, you can apply to be a Scare Actor by simply emailing [email protected]

As of right now, there are no requirements beyond acting abilities and a lack of fear to stand on top of a roller coaster.

Would you ever consider working as a roller coaster zombie for Thorpe Park?

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