Lauren Cohen Teases Civil War Between Maggie Rhee & Rick Grimes

Conflict, forgiveness, and Maggie's Cold War...


“There’s a lot of conflict,” said Lauren Cohan about the upcoming season of The Walking Dead. Based on the new trailer, there are clues that indicate sparks of a Civil War amongst the group. So far, it looks like Maggie, Daryl, Jesus and Carol are against Rick and Michonne.

Lauren Cohen / Photo Credit AMC

The conflict is all based around Rick’s decision to spare Negan’s life. Our hero was simply following his deceased son’s wishes, with support of his girlfriend. But, widowed Maggie Rhee didn’t approve of this decision. Due to Glenn’s death, she wanted to see Negan die.

In Season 9, all of our former good guys are trying to deal with the “reformed” Saviors who are trying to fit in. Within the trailer, however, there are also Saviors who believe Negan will one day lead again.

“We left on a pretty sharp note, a little tense,” said Cohen at SDCC.

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