Lauren Cohan Retells This Touching Story From Her First Day On Set


Lauren Cohan Recalls TWD Day 1

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC
The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

For fans, it’s almost hard to remember the first time they saw Maggie actress Lauren Cohan. It’s easy to picture her next to Glenn for so many seasons, but she began on the farm. In fact, the first time we saw her and the Greene family was when Carl Grimes got shot.

Lauren Cohan remembers “…being on horseback and going through the woods with a bat and knocking out the walker that was about to take Lori.” But she’s not sure if that was her first day on set.

But the first scene she was involved in was the one with Carl’s bullet wound.

“Tension… Now Knowing What Was Coming…”

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC
The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

Initially, Lauren Cohan began alongside Emily Kinney and Scott Wilson in the Greene family house. She recalls the trio all being new to the show. Essentially, it was a good thing they all got to start fresh together.

“I can literally remember standing in that living room of that house we shot in, and it was a real house,” said Lauren Cohan. “I remember the feeling of tension and not knowing what was coming. [It was] sort of like a train was on its way and you weren’t going to stop it.”

This is true of the episode and the force of the show.

Maggie Greene, Leader Of Hilltop

Lauren Cohan TWD | Photo Credit AMC
Lauren Cohan TWD | Photo Credit AMC

No one expected for The Walking Dead to be as big as it became. Now, the series remains at the top of the ratings and dominates the market. Surprisingly, it’s doing so despite being within the horror-action genre.

Lauren Cohan has also grown a great deal on the show. Her character Maggie, now a leader, will soon be raising a child alone. This, of course, is because Negan killed her husband and the love of her life.

Now, as the leader of Hilltop, it’s likely she’ll think back to those days on the farm with her father and the place she met Glenn. Again, she’ll need to use their wisdom as she prepares to lead Hilltop to a victory against the Saviors.

So, do you remember the first time you saw Lauren Cohan on The Walking Dead?

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