Lauren Cohan Talks About Maggie, Glenn, And Baby Rhee


The Death Of Glenn Rhee

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

Glenn’s death in Season 7 impacted the characters and the fans of The Walking Dead in a major way. Not only was the death horrific because it meant the end of a great character, but it was also brutal to watch.

Regardless who wins the upcoming war and many battles to come, Maggie Rhee will be forced to raise a child without a father. Hopefully there is enough of Glenn’s memory left to help raise the child, but Maggie will still be going in mostly alone.

Lauren Cohan believes Glenn is so good that his memory will carry on.

Lauren Cohan Talks Glenn And Maggie

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

The actress revealed, “What [Glenn] would have wanted to teach the baby or expose the baby to is just that bravery and comedy and impulsive energy that he had. It’s probably hard to say but I hope that everybody of the family that is alive is gonna pass those things on and tell those stories to this little girl or guy, as well as who Hershel was, who Beth was, who Michael who played Abraham was…”

At a recent Comic Con event, Steven Yeun who plays Glenn Rhee said he wishes Glenn could have told Maggie, “You do you. You do us. You do you for us.”

Propelling The Story Forward

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

As for the death of Glenn Rhee, the actor behind the character said that he doesn’t have any regrets and understands how and why the character had to die. He feels like it had to happen to propel the story forward.

“I think the storyline that came after had to happen, which is this rise of these awesome women characters on the show… It’s because, if they keep getting pushed around like that, they’re gonna get pissed and they’re gonna whoop your a—! … I don’t know how much would’ve changed…”

As for Maggie, Yeun said she’s a survivor.

Do you think we’ll see some more Glenn tributes (or a cameo) when the show returns?

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