Lauren ‘Maggie’ Cohan Names Next Battle Location On TWD As “Negotiations Are Over”


In the beginning of season 8, the Kingdom, Hilltop, and Alexandria joined forces to fight against Negan and the Saviors. According to Maggie actress Lauren Cohan, the time for negotiating has passed.

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“Season 8 — oh my God, we’re going to see so much,” Cohan told Entertainment Weekly. “I feel like you’re going to see the group recentered with a very definite plan to move forward. It’s a really difficult period, a lot of difficult decisions have to be made — hard decisions.”

Cohan said the goal is to take care of Negan to create their own new lives. Halfway through season 8, the war feels surprisingly even.

Lauren Cohan Talks About An Action-Packed Season 8

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

“It’s war. We have all our different factions and communication pushing forward to try to get what we need. Tons of action this season. We saw everybody sort retreat and retract, and now we have the slingshot,” concluded Lauren Cohan.

During the interview, the actress made sure to mention that their “warriors” will need to formulate the plan in order to win. So far, there have been several problems with individuals going rogue.

Perhaps after the potential death of Carl Grimes, everyone will get on the same page and think of the future.

The Next Battle Likely To Occur At Hilltop

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

Say what you will about the Saviors, but when it comes to wartime, nearly every single one of them is on the same page. Even after they think Negan has been killed, they stick with the plan.

On the other side, when Rick Grimes went to round up the Heapsters, his entire plan fell apart. Aaron and Enid got captured by Oceanside. Daryl Dixon went rogue and all of the Saviors escaped. Worst of all, his son Carl Grimes got bit by a walker.

When the series returns with episode 9, the next battle will likely take place at Hilltop. The Sanctuary has been torn apart, Alexandria burned to the ground, and the Kingdom has been taken over and abandoned.

Maggie has a few dozen prisoners-of-war, but Negan also has a few prisoners. Unless there is a prisoner exchange in the beginning, the war should continue with Maggie working to protect her people at Hilltop.

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