Lauren Cohan FINALLY Talks About That Maggie Scene…


“The moment when Maggie comes back with Jesus and executes one of the POWs is the sharpest turn she will probably ever have,” said actress Lauren Cohan on Talking Dead. Despite the awesomeness of this movie, it makes us question Maggie Greene’s future.

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No one should come after someone as likable as Jerry, so we’re glad to see Maggie Greene get a little payback on Simon. In addition, this also told us that Maggie is level-headed, even during an emotional moment.

But she’s doing the same thing Negan would have done, which is terrifying.

Will Magie Greene Turn Into Negan?

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

Because Simon killed one of her people, Maggie Greene decided to do the same thing. The scary thing about the philosophy of an “eye for an eye” is that it could potentially leave the world blind.

Ultimately, she chose this person because he tried to kill Jesus. She’s using Negan’s philosophy to kill the right person in the wrong way. That’s why Glenn died.

Following The Wrong Path For Right Reasons

“We Have 38 More Stand Down”| Photo Credit AMC

Negan quickly shot down Simon’s idea to kill an entire community. Instead, he reminded his other leaders that people are a resource. In this one regard, Negan and Jesus have the same belief system.

Likewise, Maggie decided to kill this person because of Simon’s actions. She also plans to kill the other POWs or use them as bargaining chips. It’s good news that she can be so strategic in a crisis, but at what cost?

At the end of the finale, we learn that Carl Grimes appears to be suffering from a walker bite. If Carl Grimes dies, we believe his humanitarian efforts and thoughts will move to Rick Grimes.

Essentially, this could cause Rick Grimes and Maggie to clash in the future. The only good news is that we can tell this does effect Maggie as she walked away.

What did you think of Maggie’s decision to execute a prisoner?


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