Everyone Can’t Get Over What King Ezekiel Did HERE… [WARNING: SPOILERS]


The big debate in Season 8 of The Walking Dead is whether or not to take prisoners. This began with Jesus and Tara, but not everyone is thinking so hard about it. In “Monsters,” King Ezekiel takes no prisoners.

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

The strategy that is making King Ezekiel and Carol smile involve faking out the enemy. The King walks with a smaller group until they are surrounded. Then, Jerry and the rest of the group take down their enemies in an instant.

As they approach the next compound, they don’t hesitate to kill everyone.

King Ezekiel Kills All Saviors In “Monsters”

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King Ezekiel knows that it’s “us or them.” In the episode, you can tell that some of his men question these tactics, even if it’s only after the attack. In this way, the Kingdommers are more like Rick Grimes than Maggie.

Later in the episode, we cut over to see Maggie let Gregory back into Hilltop. She reasons that he’s not worth killing because he’s so useless. As for the prisoners, Jesus wants her to keep them in an abandoned trailer with a guard.

This seems unsafe, but she can’t give the go-ahead to simply kill them.

No Hesitation For These Two Heroes

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

Everyone in the episode has a different reason as to why they want to kill or spare the Saviors. Perhaps the only two who are willing to kill everyone, no questions asked, is Daryl Dixon and King Ezekiel.

However, the King is killing because it’s them or us. In his mind, he knows that the Saviors would kill them no matter what. He also would not consider taking prisoners back to the Kingdom, where they could hurt civilians.

For Daryl Dixon, the take-no-prisoners mindset comes down to revenge. This is most clear when he kills Morales. At first, it would appear that he arrived late and didn’t recognize the man. In fact, the opposite is true.

With that mindset, Daryl might even kill Eugene with the same disconnect. Regardless, the King’s methods are right in the end. We see a lone Savior take out eight of the King’s men because it’s truly them or us.

Who do you think got shot in the “Monsters” cliffhanger?

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