Gunther Wreaks Havoc On The Captured King, But Faces The End Of His…


“Delusions of grandeur,” said the Savior. Sounding like Matthew McConaughey in True Detective, Gunther thinks himself overly important. After all, he’s already back-talked the King and informed him that he doesn’t believe in the Kingdom.

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

This comes a few minutes after the King surrenders. At first, he needs help getting away. But when the King tries to take his sword back and cuts Gunther, he’s tossed to the ground again.

There, Gunther wipes blood on his face to mock the Kingdom.

Gunther Mocks King Ezekiel’s Kingdom

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

At the fence, Gunther and King Ezekiel reach a point where it’s clear that only one man is going to get out alive. He knocks the King back to the ground and then reveals Negan’s plan.

Rather than take him back alive (to put him on the fence), he decides it’s time to behead the King. When it looks like the end for King Ezekiel, we hear a warrior’s cry as Jerry slices Gunther down the middle with his axe.

Then, the two are left to fight their way out of the approaching walkers.

The King Becomes “Some Guy”

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

Overall, the focus on “Some Guy” is the mental state of King Ezekiel. While Gunther is only around for a few minutes, it would appear that he does a great deal of harm to King Ezekiel.

Not only does the King have to watch all of his people die (after he led them to their death), but he has to watch them turn into walkers. Then, they come after him and he barely gets away.

One of his men helps him up until Gunther kills the man. Gunther then helps the King get away (even though it’s for the wrong reasons). At the gate, Jerry finally helps the King.

In the end, the King Ezekiel loses what makes him king. Not only does lose his army and his tiger, but he also loses his voice and his confidence.

Do you think Ezekiel will ever return as the King?

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