Who Really Killed Rick Grimes’ Water Tower Sniper? This is Clue #1


After Rick Grimes convinced the Scavengers to follow him into battle, he came back to find something unusual. In addition to his walkers no longer surrounding the Sanctuary, there was also homage to the comics.

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

Earlier in the episode, Morgan made it clear that there were four snipers surrounding the Sanctuary. After Daryl Dixon make his sneak attack, the other snipers likely cleared out.

But Rick Grimes finds a dead sniper that took Father Gabriel’s comic book death. In fact, he appears to have died the same way. 

Rick Grimes Finds Dead Sniper Just Like…

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

Despite being an unknown soldier in Rick’s army, the hanging sniper was an homage to Robert Kirkman’s comic book. In Issue 158, The Whisperer War began with a dead Father Gabriel.

Father Gabriel was guarding the water tower. When he saw the enemy approaching, he made his way down the water tower but fell. While hanging upside down, the enemy slit open his stomach, so he could be devoured by walkers.

Perhaps the sniper Rick Grimes found died the same way.

Does This Mean New Enemy For Finale?

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

Since it’s more likely that a Savior killed this sniper, we believe that the others are heading towards Alexandria. Eugene is likely going to lead a group to the bullet making factory while the others plan an attack.

If the dead sniper was meant to honor Father Gabriel’s comic death, it could mean that the Saviors are headed to Alexandria with a walker army. If that is the case, it will mean trouble for the Safe Zone.

Beyond these potential theories, it’s also important to notice that there wasn’t any skin on the face of the hanging sniper. If, in fact, the whisperers killed the man versus the Saviors, they could be wearing the man’s face.

Then again, this could also mean that Father Gabriel is on his way to a quick end. Clearly, the priest is sick and it doesn’t look like Dr. Carson can do much for him.

Do you think we’re going to see the Whisperers in the mid-season finale?


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