Here’s The Walking Dead Fan You’re Living Under A Rock If You Don’t Know About


Kate O’Shaughnessy, Walking Dead Superfan

Kate O’Shaughnessy | Photo Credit TWD Mag

One odd phenomenon online is the popularity of fan reaction videos. Some of these revolve around a new Marvel trailer while others are about television episodes. Mainly, someone records themselves reacting to a series or trailer.

Kate O’Shaughnessy is a YouTube reactor who offers her thoughts on The Walking Dead. She loves the show so much that she stopped reading the comic because she didn’t want to predict any new plot points.

Her geekdom started with Pokemon as a kid, but The Walking Dead is her new obsession.

Love For The Horror Genre In Her Genes

Kate O’Shaughnessy | Photo Credit TWD Mag

“I got my love of horror from my dad, and he got his love of horror from his granddad,” said Kate O’Shaughnessy to The Walking Dead Magazine. “So horror has always been popular in my family.”

At first, Kate O’Shaughnessy didn’t like zombies. She watched I Am Legend (vampire-like undead), and it messed with her head. When her dad tried to get her to watch The Walking Dead, she felt like she didn’t like zombies.

Then, of course, she realized it’s more about the story.

Tattoos, Reaction Videos, And Daryl Dixon

Kate O’Shaughnessy | Photo Credit TWD Mag

Kate O’Shaughnessy is now covered with The Walking Dead tattoos and tries to preach the gospel to others. “My boss was asking me about my tattoos and why I loved the show so much.” As many fans know, she said, “It’s about the people.”

“It does make you think about what you would do if you were in that situation,” she added. Like the story beckons, she went on to describe her thoughts on what one could do in that situation.

Her favorite arc from the story comes from Daryl Dixon. She loves his character, the arc, and how far he has come as a person. Her love for Daryl came around Season 3 when he started to go against the grain but still be a part of the family.

The Ireland-born mega fan wants to see revenge on Negan in Season 8. If you want to join her 20,000 followers on YouTube, simply subscribe.

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