Jon Bernthal Is Furious With Walking Dead Producers For Not Telling Him One HUGE Thing Until Now…


Rick Reveals Shane Is The Father Of Judith…

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

Despite being killed off the show back in Season 2, Shane Walsh-actor Jon Bernthal will still attend the occasional Comic Con and other fan events. Bernthal found out that he had a kid he didn’t know about at the San Diego Comic-Con.

During the 2016 event, most of Season 7 had already been filmed, so Season 7, Episode 4 had already been filmed. During that episode, Rick Grimes tells Michonne that he believes Shane Walsh was Judith’s father.

According to Rick Grimes, he was going to raise her like his own regardless.

Jon Bernthal Not Happy About Reveal

The Punisher | Photo Credit Netflix

Andrew Lincoln is not happy about this fact. At Walker Stalker Con in London, Lincoln said, “Do you know what? I’m still not happy about that.” The actor isn’t the only person frustrated by the reveal.

Jon Bernthal was also at the event promoting his role as the Punisher within the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Lincoln said, “We did Comic Con this year, and Jon Bernthal and his family were all there… I had to tell him just because I knew Jon would want to know that it was his child even though he’s not been in the show for four years.”

Lincoln said Bernthal’s reactions was something like, “What! No. No, no, man.”

Shane May Have Lived Differently

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

Jon Bernthal was surprised for Rick’s character but also for his own. Lincoln said Jon Bernthal wished he had known so he could re-do the scenes. It’s certainly a major revelation that would have changed some things for Shane Walsh.

If Shane knew about Baby Judith, he might have done things a little differently. Shane may have shown more compassion and less dictatorship. Shane Walsh would have enjoyed raising a child in the apocalypse.

Unfortunately, his pride and ego stopped this from ever happening early on.

Do you think Shane would still be around if he knew about Baby Judith earlier?

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