Only Walking Dead Fans Noticed This 1 Thing About Jon’s Character In The Punisher


Shane Walsh, The Punisher In Different World

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

In many ways, Shane Walsh’s life ended too early. Rick Grimes had to take out Shane to protect his family. If Rick didn’t have a family, perhaps Shane would have just gone off and done his own thing. He may have even become a version of Negan.

With Jon Bernthal’s newest role, we get to take a look inside an enhanced version of Shane Walsh. In Marvel’s The Punisher, a man named Frank Castle loses everything and decides to take vigilante justice.

In a way, The Punisher is an enhanced version of Shane Walsh.

Jon Bernthal Wants To Go Further

Jon Bernthal | Photo Credit Imgur

Actor Jon Bernthal told Total Film, “There’s always a pedal that we should press harder. We should go further, do more.” For this new role, that means taking justice into his own hands and doing so in a brutal manner.

In fact, the new series is so brutal, that Netflix and Marvel decided to cancel Comic Con events in response to the Las Vegas mass shooting. In a small way, it was their effort to show respect to the victims of the incident.

As for the series, however, they’re breaking new ground.

“Does That Make Him A Monster?”

Jon Bernthal | Photo Credit Total Film

In The Punisher, Frank Castle and his family are killed, but Castle miraculously survives the incident. Only one investigative journalist knows that the man is still alive, so she helps him seek revenge.

Deborah Ann Woll from Daredevil stars as Karen Page. “Karen is always going to be there as a conscience for Frank. There’s no conflict about his methods. They’re wrong. The conflict is, ‘Does that make him a monster?’”

The Punisher is known for torturing evil people and shooting everyone who gets in his way. In the comic, he took money from the rich and gave to the poor, but did so by gunning down hundreds of bad guys.

Like any series, the action works best when its part of the story. Like a kung-fu film, the fights need to push the story forward. For both Daredevil and The Punisher, this is the method to the madness.

Jon Bernthal respects the comic book audience and always wants to push the boundaries further.

Do you think Frank Castle sounds a bit like Shane Walsh?

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