Every Fan Is Saying The Same Thing About Jon Berthnal’s Character In The Punisher


Jon Bernthal Stars As The Punisher

Jon Bernthal | Photo Credit Total Film

Thanks to the success of Marvel’s Daredevil series, Netflix has picked up several other shows. Jessica Jones, Iron Fist, and Luke Cage make up The Defenders. Now, they’re also bringing in The Punisher.

“There’s a little bit of this guy in everybody,” said Jon Bernthal, who stars as Frank Castle, a.k.a. The Punisher. Since leaving The Walking Dead, Bernthal has been in several movies but now leads this new series.

“The world we live in right now 100 percent feels like we’re spiraling out of control,” said the actor. The Punisher, like Death Wish or Batman, wants vigilante justice.

“Control The Uncontrollable…”

Jon Bernthal | Photo Credit Total Film

Jon Bernthal believes there’s a reason we’re drawn to superheroes. “Whether or not they can control the uncontrollable, at least they’re making a stand against it, and they’re doing it their way,” he mused.

The Punisher speaks of human nature. Jon Bernthal is using Frank Castle as a vehicle to take a deep dive into the character. In its essence, the story is also a story of revenge, similar to Josey Wales, Braveheart, or even Die Hard to a degree.

The character was first introduced with Spider-Man back in 1974.

Pushing Down On The Pedal

Jon Bernthal | Photo Credit Imgur

Jon Bernthal tells Total Film, “There’s always a pedal that we should press harder. We should always go further, do more.” With The Punisher, the actor gets to dive deeper than ever before.

In a sense, The Punisher is Shane Walsh in a different era with no Rick Grimes. On his own, alone and with nothing to lose, he can do things his way. Surprisingly, he’s not conflicted about his methods, even though they’re wrong.

Instead, it’s the audience’s choice to decide if they can feel empathetic with Frank Castle or not. Just because he’s killing people (unlike say Spider-Man or Batman), that doesn’t mean he’s wrong.

With this new character, viewers can expect an unshakeable force of justice.

Are you looking forward to seeing Jon Bernthal as The Punisher?


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