Jon Bernthal FINALLY Talks About That Steamy Sex Scene From Season 1…


Too Close

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

Audiences haven’t seen Shane Walsh on The Walking Dead in quite a while, but his character remains an icon on the AMC series.

Portrayed on screen by Jon Bernthal (The Wolf of Wall Street, The Accountant), Shane was originally Rick Grimes’ best friend on the series. Both were Sheriff’s Deputies before the outbreak.

When the world basically ended, Rick was left stranded in a hospital and Shane was trying his best to take care of Rick’s wife and child. This is when Shane grew too close with Lori. When Rick did meet up with everyone, the affair had already taken place.

Bernthal Tells All About Walking Dead

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

In a recent interview, Jon Bernthal opened up about the on-camera sex scene. Speaking to GQ, Bernthal admitted this character was actually a pivotal point in his career. Surprisingly, the scene took place only a few days after he met Sarah Wayne Callies, who played Lori on the series.

“When I got The Walking Dead, the actress Sarah Wayne Callies and I had just met, and basically our first scene together was having sex in the woods,” confirmed the actor. “I had this idea that when we met in the woods, I should turn Sarah over…”

The actor went into more details about how to make the scene primal-looking on camera. “We’re in the zombie apocalypse. It’s carnal. We just want to f*ck, you know? And I hear calling from behind the monitors: Stop thrusting!”

The sex scene was on the air not long after the pilot hit the network. Not only was this vivid for viewers, but it set the scene for what would happen later between Rick Grimes and Shane.

Making It Primal for Camera

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

The scene needed to be rough. After all, they’re doing something wrong even if they do not know they’re doing something wrong at the time. Because it happened so soon after Rick’s potential disappearance, it may plant the seed in a viewer’s mind that it was something Lori wanted all along.

It’s almost trivial to consider this an act of infidelity given the circumstances of the world at this time. That said, humans are humans. Not only did it destroy the relationship between Rick and Lori, but it also drove a wedge between Rick and Shane, which eventually led to a showdown in the woods.

Shane’s death created the character that Rick Grimes later became. In many ways, Rick needed to kill Shane in order to kill the Governor, who was his nemesis not too long afterward. Then, of course, he needed to kill the Governor in order to learn how to kill Negan.

Shane and Lori’s sex scene was primal as Bernthal mentioned, but it’s something that needed to happen in order to move the plot forward and get us where we are today.

Do you miss seeing Shane on the series?


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