Where Did Jesus Go After Leaving Carl on the Truck?


Episode 7 of Season 7’s The Walking Dead was somewhat more revealing than the rest of the somewhat slow-moving season. There are several things left open-ended and one of those storylines involves Jesus on the rooftop of Negan’s vehicle.

After sneaking into the Sanctuary unnoticed (by Saviors and viewers), Jesus somehow climbed back on top of the truck that Carl and Negan were in when they were going back to Alexandria.

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC
The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

Jesus’ Stealthy Moves

The ninja Hilltop native wasn’t seen during the episode as Carl tricked him to jump off the truck early on the episode. Carl’s plan was always to kill Negan so Jesus could only get in his way, presumably.

It’s anyone’s guess where Jesus went while Carl was “visiting” with Negan. The only person who might know where Jesus was during the episode is Tom Payne, the actor who plays Jesus.

ComicBook.com spoke with Payne the day after the episode premiered. “Well, he’s not on the truck,” said Payne. “He can’t be many places because there aren’t that many places to go. I think if you noticed, you saw that Daryl noticed that he was up there. We did actually have a shot, but we didn’t get around to it. We saw each other, so he’s seen that Daryl is there and maybe wants to try and help out. We’ll see.”

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC
The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

Who Left the Note for Daryl?

Not long after his disappearance, a note was slipped under the door of Daryl’s cell. Perhaps this “Go now” message was from Jesus. “Well, that’s a maybe,” said Payne. “I wish he couldn’t done that, as well.”

It’s possible this note came from someone else among the Saviors who wish to fight against Negan. There are several people (basically everyone) who could possibly turn on Negan. The only ones who apparently will not turn are his closest men since none of them gave up Negan when Carl had the drop on them.

So, where is Jesus during the episode and where does he go at the end of the episode? “I can’t say too much, but I guess if we get back to the Sanctuary, we might see [Jesus] again because he’s not going to be anywhere else, or he’ll be around the Sanctuary area. I’m interested to see how Rick takes coming back and finding Negan holding Judith,” said Payne.

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