Jeffrey Dean Morgan Just Made A Enticing New Promise To Negan Fans…


Jeffrey Dean Morgan Talks Negan Hate

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With Season 8 in full swing, fans are ready to see Negan and Rick Grimes on the battlefield. The next 15 episodes will likely all focus on Robert Kirkman’s “All Out War” saga from the comics.

In Season 7, some fans left the show because of how evil they perceived Negan. Not only did he kill Abraham and Glenn, but he also took Daryl Dixon, as a hostage. If that wasn’t enough, he made Rick Grimes look like a weakling for several episodes.

Now, however, actor Jeffrey Dean Morgan promises Negan will be worse!

“There’s A Lot Of Blood This Year.”

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

“There’s a lot of blood this year,” said actor Jeffrey Dean Morgan. “It’s gross. I don’t think I’ll forget this year because of how much fake blood got on me. I still have blood on me from working Thursday night,” he said on Saturday.

The bloodshed doesn’t surprise fans who know the comic. There are going to be a lot of deaths in the next few episodes. It’s unclear, based on the trailer, when Negan and Rick might get face to face again though.

“It’s really cool to be reclaiming Rick who has been so demolished emotionally,” confirmed Andrew Lincoln about the upcoming season.

More Hate Will Follow Season 8

The Walking Dead | Photo Comic Book

Jeffrey Dean Morgan appreciates the new fandom though. When he’s going out to eat or grabbing a cab, he’ll see people dressed like Negan, flipping him off. Some come up for selfies, so he describes it as a “love/hate thing.”

“There was crazy mail for sure, some people have my death all planned out, not only as Negan but probably as Jeffrey Dean Morgan,” said the actor. Likewise, Eugene actor Josh McDermitt got off social media due to death threats.

With so much hate from last year, it’s hard to imagine Negan actor Jeffrey Dean Morgan getting more hate this year. But, if he kills some more of our favorites (or tortures anyone), that will certainly be the case.

It sounds like Jeffrey Dean Morgan can take the love/hate, either way.

Do you love the character of Negan or do you hate him?

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