Robert Kirkman’s New Show May Be Even Better Than The Walking Dead…

By Brock Swinson | Monday Monday Staff -    2017-03-02

Stories Are Built For Television And Panel

Perhaps after the success of The Walking Dead, Robert Kirkman decided to change his formatting so the stories will work in both formats. It’s easier to perform an exorcism on camera than slice hundreds of zombies in half. 

Outcast | Photo Credit Cinemax

Cast on Outcast Is Tighter Than Walking Dead

On The Walking Dead, a huge cast can be difficult to follow. Some fans even hate the parallel storylines. On Outcast, there are six characters that receive equal screen time. 

Outcast | Photo Credit Cinemax

Amazing, Concentrated, Acting Performances

According to Movie Pilot, “In Outcast, Patrick Fugit, Philip Glenister, Wrenn Schmidt and Kate Lyn Sheil are acting circles around anyone in the current cast of The Walking Dead.”

Outcast | Photo Credit Cinemax

Less Episodes Every Season

While more often feels like it’s better, it’s hard to say any entire season on The Walking Dead is better than the first six episodes of Season 1. For television, often less is more. 

Outcast | Photo Credit Cinemax

More Freedom On Cinemax Than AMC

Storywise, AMC lets The Walking Dead do whatever they like, but Cinemax allows for more freedom in terms of violence or nudity. While these restrictions do not necessarily make a show better or worse, it’s doubtful Abraham and Glenn’s deaths would have been so controversial on Cinemax or HBO.

What do you think? Does Outcast trump The Walking Dead?

Outcast | Photo Credit Cinemax

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