BREAKING: This Rick Grimes And Negan Prediction Will Give You Chills…


Rick Grimes Versus Negan

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

In “Something They Need,” we got to see different sides of Negan and Rick Grimes. In fact, if you were to judge the episode on its own, it would look like Rick Grimes is the “bad guy” and Negan is the “good guy.”

Rick is taking an entire arsenal from a group of hidden women in the woods, at gun point, and leaving them nothing but knives to defend themselves. Negan, on the other hand, offers freedom to a woman who tries to kill him.

Perhaps there’s more to each man than meets the eye.

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

Negan kills one of his own men when the man breaks the rules in the Sanctuary. After this, he gives Sasha, his captive, a few choices and a weapon. With the knife he gives her, she can save herself or kill herself, but if she leaves, she is “Negan.”

Rick Grimes does his best to give the people of Oceanside a choice, but their leader is completely and full-heartedly against fighting the Saviors or doing anything else that will jeopardize their hideout.

The real proof that Rick is changing, however, comes at the end of the episode.

Rick Tells Dwight To Kneel

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

The gang comes back to Alexandria with Oceanside’s guns when Rosita opens the gate. Revealing that there is someone who wants to speak with Rick, she heads towards the jail cell where we see Dwight.

Clearly, Dwight was the silhouette outside of the Sanctuary and he escorted Rosita back to Alexandria. Daryl’s immediate impulse is to kill Dwight, possibly with his bare hands, but Rick wants to know more.

Rick repeated Rosita’s query that Dwight wants to help. Dwight said that he does want to help them. Rather than seeking more information, Rick does something slightly out of character.

He looks down as if he’s considering the offer, then pulls a cocked gun out and points it at Dwight. “Get on your knees,” said Rick. This is similar to Negan asking Sasha to join him in his own jail cell.

Is Rick Grimes turning into Negan, a man who treats force as trust?

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