There’s One Un-Obvious Sign That Rick’s War Is Here…


Richard’s Sacrifice For Rick’s War

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

Rick’s war with Negan is inevitable, but there were several moving parts involved to get everyone on board. Rick spoke to the coward Gregory before Jesus showed him the Kingdom, but no one quickly jumped on board to stop the Saviors.

For those who felt like war was inevitable, the idea arose to manipulate the information to get everyone on board. For Rick, this meant finding troops, but for Richard, this meant setting up a sacrifice.

Richard meant to sacrifice himself but ended up getting someone else killed.

Jared Kills The Wrong Martyr 

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

In order to convince the King that peace was over, Richard came up with the idea to block the road, toss out a cantaloupe, and volunteer to die. Richard jumped up so quickly because he had already considered sacrificing himself for the cause.

At this point, however, against Gavin’s orders, Jared shoots Benjamin in the leg, hitting a main artery. Similar to Arat’s irrational shot that killed Olivia, this is Jared’s moment, but Gavin is extremely angered by this.

Beyond that, it’s obvious this will lead to repercussions on both sides.

Time To Join Rick’s War

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

Later in the episode, Morgan listens to Richard’s plan and then when they meet up with the Saviors again, he does something drastic to show that the Kingdom understands how things work with the Saviors.

In a way, Morgan fulfills Richard’s original plan, but in a much more drastic, compelling manner. Unfortunately, Morgan was also sacrificing himself because it looks like he’s not going to be able to turn that part of himself off again.

This rock bottom moment for Morgan leads to him also tell Carol the truth. She’s more accepting than when Daryl arrived at her door, so she invites Morgan to stay in her home and she heads back to the Kingdom.

The last thing we see is King Ezekiel agreeing with Carol that it’s time to fight.

Do you think Carol and Morgan are mentally prepared for battle?

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