In The New Clip For Sunday’s Episode, Daryl Dixon is Back In His…


Daryl Dixon Rides Again

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

In a new clip for the next episode of The Walking Dead, Daryl Dixon is back on his Harley Davidson, following alongside Rick and Michonne in the Winnebago. While the RV is great for extra people and scavenger-ing, Daryl’s ride is more practical.

We’ve seen Daryl escort hundreds of walkers with his motorcycle and he’s also been able to sneak away undetected, when compared to larger vehicles. In addition to the speed, he’s also got the most open view as he can see 360 degrees in any direction.

Daryl Dixon’s motorcycle follows a history of motorcycles in film.

Iconic Motorcycles In Film

Steve McQueen | Photo Credit The Great Escape

Motorcycles and film have been paired together since the beginning. Riding a motorcycle implies that the character is a rebel and a loner. Those who ride are always very unique and different from those around them.

Some classic motorcycle films include The Dark Knight, Top Gun, First Blood, Mad Max, Terminator 2, Quantum of Solace (various James Bond), Kill Bill, The Matrix Reloaded, and Steve McQueen in The Great Escape.

Beyond Daryl Dixon, the actor Norman Reedus also loves motorcycles.

Norman Reedus On Motorcycles

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

Ride With Norman Reedus is now a major AMC series that follows the actor as he rides with other celebrities and motorcycle enthusiasts. Ironically, working in a motorcycle shop is how Reedus got his start.

“I followed a girl I met in Japan to Los Angeles and ended up working in a motorcycle store. I quit the job one night, went to a party in the Hollywood Hills and ended up yelling at a bunch of people. Someone saw me yelling and asked me to be in a play. The first night, there was an agent in the audience who took me on and sent me out for jobs,” confirmed Norman Reedus.

Daryl Dixon might become the most iconic motorcyclist on television today.

Do you think Daryl Dixon’s motorcycle is the ultimate zombie apocalypse vehicle?

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